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un esilarante messaggio

di Adrian Beck

ai suoi lettori italiani!


ARTandSEEK for kids


Let's be creative!

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English mother tongue, interactive reading of the story " It was just a question of time." by Joanna Groves

L'edizione italiana di " It was Just a question of time" letta dalla meravigliosa amica e collega Rosaria Marracino, specializzata in lettura ed editoria per infanzia ed adolescenza. /

After story time with Joanna reading "It's just a question of time" by Joanna Groves, you can have fun making a beautiful colourful butterfly of your own to play with. Look out for the next video on how to make a cocoon like the one in the story.

Ages 4 -99, inspired by the story " It's just a question of Time" by Joanna Groves, enjoy making your own safe cocoon, antibodies and personalized Corona virus. Recycled materials and a splash of paint , you will need: Newspaper, loo roll, string or old

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