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We are very glad to present our Foreign Rights Catalogue.

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Albero delle matite. 

Albero delle Matite, was founded in November 2014, from the initiative of two very different people united by their conviction that the improvement of the human condition of men and women can only come through the diffusion of knowledge. We love to define ‘Albero delle Matite’ as a publishing workshop where following a first phase in which we work through laboratories and in collaboration with individual professionals and public offices, new instruments are created aimed at stimulating knowledge and fantasy for all readers from 0 to 99 years old. It is with them that we aim at the ideal of collecting pencils from the trees of knowledge! We love paper and illustration, our main focus is on the quality of our product quality in its minimal detail. When we create a product in our workshop, we maintain the utmost respect for all the people involved in the production process: from authors to illustrators, graphic consultants and printers, booksellers and readers! ‘Albero delle Matite’ produces kids and children’s books, aiming also at reaching anyone willing to grow in knowledge and explore the world with new eyes! We publish illustrations and novels, as well as educational books with our book series ‘Biancosegno’, all with the intention of offering the reader an interactive and relevant experience when reading a book. 


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